Prenuptial Agreement


Protecting Your Assets

If you are preparing for marriage, forming a prenuptial agreement is likely in your best interest. Many people make the mistake of believing prenuptial agreements are antiquated when they can actually give both you and your future spouse peace of mind. Many couples find that drafting a prenuptial agreement actually helps them feel confident in their marriage. At The Law Office of Tracey Lane Russo, we are committed to helping our clients work through any family law matters in a stress-free manner.

Understanding the Purpose of a Prenuptial Agreement

Many years ago, prenuptial agreements were something only associated with very rich couples. Over the past several years, prenuptial agreements have become much more popular among couples of all income levels and walks of life. Discussing each other's economic and financial wishes can build trust and eliminate confusion in the future.

A prenuptial agreement can help both you and your future spouse understand:

  • How your children's estate rights will be protected

  • Your rights to pensions/retirement funds

  • Potential alimony or maintenance payments

  • Ownership of bank accounts, businesses, or real property

  • How asset appreciation will be protected during marriage

  • What will happen to property in the event of divorce

  • Each party's rights to sell/transfer/use property

  • Who will receive death benefits in the event of a death

  • How any marital disputes will be handled

Hire a Trusted Family Lawyer

Marriage is an exciting promise for the future, which can often make you forget about financial issues or protecting your assets. At The Law Office of Tracey Lane Russo, we understand that the thought of drafting a prenuptial agreement can seem strange, especially without your soon-to-be spouse's knowledge.

Fortunately, our New Haven family law attorney has years of experience working with clients on prenuptial agreements. You can rely on our dedicated and knowledgeable legal team to provide you with personalized and educated legal counsel, regardless of your circumstances.