Civil Litigation


Hire a Seasoned, Client-Focused Lawyer

At The Law Office of Tracey Lane Russo, we understand that facing litigation can be extremely stressful, regardless of which side you are on. Having a New Haven civil litigation attorney on your side to represent your needs is essential. Civil litigation covers a wide range of practice areas and cases may be tried before a variety of federal courts, state courts, and administrative agencies. At our firm, we have extensive experience in the field of civil litigation. In fact, Attorney Tracey Russo handles high-level civil litigation and often co-counsels and receives referrals from other attorneys. You can rely on her and our legal team to advocate for you and help you prepare for every step of the legal process.

Creating Unique Solutions to Complex Disputes

Our firm has an impressive level of experience representing clients in a number of different complex civil disputes. During our time in practice, we have helped individuals, families, business owners, and many others to secure cost-effective and workable solutions to legal disputes. We accomplish this by conducting thorough investigations and building unique strategies customized to your specific goals.

We handle a wide range of civil litigation matters, including:

  • Insurance law

  • Construction litigation

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Premises liability

  • Product liability

  • Partnership disputes

  • Business lawsuit defense

  • Business litigation

  • Real estate litigation

  • Breach of contract

  • Trade secret litigation

  • Will contests

  • Employment law disputes

  • Family law disputes

Learn About Your Legal Options Today

If you have recently been made aware that a lawsuit is being brought against you or if you intend to enter litigation against another party, you should act quickly to retain representation. At The Law Office of Tracey Lane Russo, we will strive to get to know you and your individual needs before taking action. This will allow our seasoned civil litigation attorney to explore all of your legal options and help you make an informed decision.