Child Support


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If you are filing for divorce or going through legal proceedings with the other parent of your child, you will need to consider how your child will be cared for. A child support agreement is essential to any divorce, separation, or legal matter involving your family. At The Law Office of Tracey Lane Russo, we recognize how overwhelming it can be to deal with such important matters. That is why it is critical to hire the right lawyer to help you through the legal process. Our New Haven child support lawyer takes support issues seriously. We strive to make sure that the child support payment you receive or pay is fair and sufficient.

How Is Child Support Determined?

If you and your spouse or the other party are able to decide on child support matters without legal counsel, you may be able to avoid litigation. However, this is not often the case. There are state guidelines that determine how child support is decided, including who will pay and how much will be paid.

A few factors the family court judge may consider include the:

  • Number of children each party has

  • Parents' education and earning capacities

  • Expenses associated with the child's care

  • Current income of each parent

The family court judge may also consider what is best for the child, but may not have all of the necessary information. That's where The Law Office of Tracey Lane Russo comes in. Our zealous family law attorney can educate you about your options and help guide you in the direction that would benefit both you and your child.

Child Support Modifications & Enforcements

Once a child support order has gone into effect, the parent ordered to pay is required by law to pay the amount specified. If the ordered parent fails to pay that amount at any time without modification approval, they may be in contempt of court. Legal action could be taken to force that parent to pay, including the issuing of a bench warrant or wage garnishment.

If you are no longer able to fulfill your child support obligation, our New Haven family law attorney can help you seek modification. The Law Office of Tracey Lane Russo can also help with enforcement actions if you are not receiving child support payments as ordered.